Membership, as stated in article 6 of the MECA Toronto Constitution reads as follow: Membership is opened to all Sons, Daughters of Manyu division and its environs and to all individuals interested in Manyu and whose ideas are compatible with those of the Association.
There will be two types of membership, namely:
• Regular Member
• Honorary Member
All Members must submit a completed membership application form. Such a form shall be prescribed by the executive of this Association and shall include the statement, "I have read and agreed to uphold and practice the MECA-Toronto's Constitution and By-Laws".

Members are entitled to all privileges of membership, provided image they are in good standing with the Association as defined in the By-Laws. They Shall receive voting rights and shall receive any additional benefits that are offered by the Association.

A Honorary Member is defined as any individual whose actions have in any way positively affected the lives of Manyu people or a group of Manyu people. He shall be recommended by the President and accepted by the General Assembly to receive the title. He/She shall be exempt from paying dues, shall not be entitled to hold any office in the Association, shall not have any voting privileges, shall not be entitled to attend all meetings, and shall enjoy all other privileges of the Association.


Membership shall continue during the existence of the Association unless terminated as herewith provided.
• TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION: Any member other than an Honorary Member failing to pay his dues in the prescribed time as stated in the By-Laws shall become delinquent and his membership suspended. Suspended members may be reinstated by payment of dues, but he must forfeit all benefits of the Association offered during his period of suspension. During a period of suspension, the suspended member shall not be authorized to use the services nor attend the social functions of the Association.
• RESIGNATION: The resignation of any member from this Association shall be made in writing, presented to the President or to the Secretary General, and shall be accepted by the General Assembly.
• In case of withdrawal or resignation, all paid dues or donations made by the member shall not be refunded.


Our objectives as stated in article 3 of our constitution includes, but not limited to:
image • Assisting Manyu Elements residing in the GTA to integrate into the Canadian Society
• Rallying, mobilize and galvanize members to exhibit unity among each other and promote activities of mutual interest.
• Assisting members financially, morally and psychologically in times of need.
• Assisting members to achieve economic empowerment.
• Preserving and promoting the Manyu Culture.
• Initiating and supporting means aim at improving living conditions in Manyu Division.
• Encouraging mutual cooperation with other social and cultural Associations and Organizations in Toronto.

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