The 2017-2018 Executive Bureau of MECA Toronto

The Executive Committee shall comprise of, the President, the vice President, the Secretary General, the vice Secretary General, the Financial Secretary and the Public Relations Officer. The Executive Committee shall be voted for a two year mandate.
• The executive shall be responsibly for the affairs of the Association, which are not explicitly assigned to the General Assembly.
• The Executive shall prepare an action plan (including a budget), which shall be presented to the General Assembly in the first meeting after its elections.
• Shall organize and convene general meetings, as well as draw meeting agenda.
• Shall implement all decisions taken by the General Assembly.
• Shall compile and present an annual report to the General Assembly at the end of each fiscal year.
• Shall be elected by and answerable to the General Assembly.

Composition of the Executive


The President - Barrister Tanyi-Mbianyor

Shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

• Shall represent the Association in all civil and judicial matters.
• Shall convene and chair all general meetings.
• Shall convene and preside over all executive meetings.
• Shall have the final say in case there is a tie or deadlock.
• Shall countersign all minutes of the Association.
• Shall countersign all negotiable instruments of the Association upon approval by the General Assembly.
• Shall be answerable to the General Assembly, and shall present a report of activities at the end of the year.
• In case of resignation, shall put it in writing and forward it to the General Assembly.
• Has the right to withdraw his confidence from any member of his cabinet, in this case, it shall be made in writing to the general assembly.
• Shall be a co-signatory in the Associations banking transactions.


The Vice President - Mrs. Veron Alogewde

• Shall work in full and close collaboration with the president.
• Shall duly assume the functions of the president in his absence.


The Secretary General - Mr. Austine Arrey

• Shall take down the minutes of all general meetings.
• Shall dispatch written documents (invitations, minutes of meetings etc) when need be.
• Shall frequently update the Association's attendance list, and record the attendance of all members and enrol new members.
• Shall perform other duties as assigned by the president.



The Vice Secretary General - Mr.

• Shall immediately resume the functions of the secretary general in his absence.
• Shall perform all other duties as assigned by both the president and the secretary general.


The Financial Secretary General - Mr. Tabe Ezekiel

• Shall frequently keep the General Assembly updated about member's financial dues and other contributions.
• Shall receive and collect all contributions be it membership registration, enrolment, Sinking Fund or fees for special Projects during Meetings and hand them over to the Treasurer
• Shall perform other duties as assigned by the president.


The Treasurer - Mrs Pamela Arrey

Shall safeguard and deposit all money and checks of the Association received from the financial Secretary in the Association's Bank Account.
• Shall be a co-signatory in all the association's banking transactions.
• Shall present a quarterly financial report to the General Assembly and shall, at the request of the auditing committee, submit copies of all accounting and banking documents to the auditing committee.
• Shall perform other duties as assign by the Executive and the General Assembly.

imageThe Public Relation officer - Mrs.

Shall use his/her skills to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public and other Organizations.
• Shall coordinate the Association’s website.
• Shall coordinate and direct activities to promote a positive image of the Association.
• Shall develop effective working relationship with media representatives, coordinates media coverage of special events and emergency situations.
• Shall maintain historical records of events and shall discharge other duties as requested by both the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

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