I) The Kids End Of Year Program

The program takes place every year in the month of December. The aim of this program is to to improve, enhance or otherwise contribute in a positive way to the lives of kids in the GTA.

We help the children to learn the fundamentals about thier local communities and in the process find the creative person within them. This program not only helps the kids with thier artistic expression, but builds on the skills they may not even know they have.

Our Community Development facilitators design and facilitate customized activities to strengthen and build capacity in the children on topics including but not limited to:
• Artistic expression
• Roles and responsibilities in the community
• Community organisation
• Team enhancement and development
• Building leadership capabilities

Prepare your kid for a fun-filled program. For more informattion, contact us and one of our Community Development facilitators will get back to you

Mary C. (7 years old): I love this program. I got to meet friends and learn new cool things. Thank you MECA Toronto
Dona T. (10 years old): I am very glad that I have the chance to be part of this program. I love to learn new things. I love to sing, dance and organise things
Britanny P. (5 years old): I can do many things. I learn them all at the MECA Toroto Kids End Of Year. Thank you all

II) Fundraising Gala for the underprivileged

Every two year, MECA Toronto organises a fundraising gala for the less privileged in our local community and in communities in Africa. MECA Toronto is committed to giving the less privileged members of these communities a worthy future.

The funds collected during this event are used to purchase the basic necessities like food,clothing, text books and so on...


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